International legal requirements, market benchmarks and customer requirements form the framework of every vehicle concept. We have well over 20 years' experience in chassis development. From the development of complete chassis concepts to the intelligent integration of innovative Powertrains: in EDAG Switzerland, you will find a competent partner for individual and efficient solutions.

  • concept development and benchmarking
  • consideration of legal and market-relevant requirements
  • packaging and layout
  • numerical and experimental validation / testing
  • general engineering and detailing
  • derivation of variants, reduction of variants
  • definition and development of derivatives (e.g. wheelbase and axle formula)
  • modularity and carry over parts management
  • integration of ICE, FC, CNG and electric drivetrains
  • integration of aggregates and assemblies
  • exhaust aftertreatment and fuel/urea supply systems
  • compressed air systems, NV systems
  • superstructures and fifth wheels