Special-purpose vehicles

Every heavy goods vehicle is a made-to-measure product. Due to the complexity of today's commercial vehicle industry, it is no longer enough to concentrate on the development of individual components. That's why we support you as a full-service provider. For goods vehicles, buses, rail vehicles, agricultural, construction or work machinery: you benefit from our many years of experience as an engineering partner and our dedicated know-how in megatrends in the industry, for instance (partially) autonomous driving, driver assistance systems, lightweight design and eMobility.

  • special on-road and off-road vehicle concepts
  • multi-axle steering, multi-axle drivetrains
  • special packaging and layout concepts
  • integration of ICE-, FC-, CNG- and electric drivetrains
  • derivation of variants, reduction of variants
  • development of derivatives wheelbase and axle formula
  • modular and identical parts management
  • engineering and modeling
  • numerical and experimental validation / testing

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